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TUIFly virtual

Welcome !

TUIFly virtual is an official IVAO virtual airline which reproduces the real TUIFly airlines operations. We can say that we have the most advanced systems available for our virtual pilots with our smartCARS flight tracking and management system, and our brand new website. We have countless unique and exciting features to offer such as liveries, checklists, routes up to date, real fleet and more ! Finally, we provide the latest technologies to bring our pilots the best experience in virtual aviation !

Live flights

Pilot Flight Status Remaining
Jonas Bracke (JAF0339) JAF1752 (GCTS > EBBR) Arrived 0:00
Wim Claessen (JAF0467) JAF1102 (LEAL > EBAW) Cruising 0:21
Robin Trehaut (JAF0173) JAF6902 (EFIV > LFPO) Arrived 0:00
Joao Inri (TUI0359) JAFWG507 (CYYC > MMUN) Cruising 3:01

Approved IVAO virtual airline

TUIFly virtual is a registered IVAO virtual airline, which means that hundreds of pilots from the Belgian division of IVAO trust in us. From this prestige comes few obligations such as transparency towards our pilots and visitors, creative and original events, a regular presence on the network, and finally quality contents that allow us not only to remain authentic but to represent at best TUIFly.





Quick links

Who we are ?

You want to know who we are and how we work ? This is the page you should visit !


You can find all our internal news and events that we plan to organize on this page.

Staff team

You can find on this page all the informations relative to our staff team.

Pilots roster

Here, you can see how many pilots we have, their rank, what's their prefered hub and more.

Our hubs

This page show you a precise list of all our hubs and the associated pilots foster for each one.

Our fleet

This page show the aircrafts we use, their maintenance status, time flown and other informations.


We will publish each event we plan to organize and other informations here, for pilots and visitors.


The destinations page allow you to visualise in few seconds all our available routes and airports.