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New website version !

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2019-09-24 09:49:05 by Flavien Aymonnier

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official opening of the new version of our website ! Why a new version will you tell me? We will explain it to you through this article.

VAFS, an aging tracker

The previous version of our website was mainly focused on the VAFinancials (VAFS) tracker, so all of our pages were "linked" to their website on which we depended. Beyond this dependence, the equipment used by VAFS became aging as Google Chrome will make osbolete by 2020 Flash, which is still used by VAFS today. We therefore preferred to focus future releases on newer hardware, accordingly : smartCARS.

An improvement of our contents

As you will have noticed, the content that was available on our old website did not all have the same "standard", we could end up with a gray box for the roster, then a beige box for profiles, and finally a dark gray box for flight reports, which did not allow us to focus on one and the same standard. Just as TUI did for its many websites, we chose to adopt their standard, offering content with the same design, the same color scheme and finally the same basis.

Data stored in our servers

When we were using VAFS, all the user data had to be stored on two servers : ours for all the website part and associated user accounts, and that of VAFS for all the management part of the routes, flights, etc ... This implied therefore several registration forms for users, but also many forms of connection (tracker, website, VAFS website, VAFS forum, etc...), to facilitate things, the centralization of all these data on a one and the same server : ours, proved more than useful.

Some visual improvements

The esthetic aspect has been revisited on this new version, indeed, we now have a few colors that are frequently used on TUI websites. New icons have also been incorporated into the various pages of the site, and many more efficient administrative systems than the previous ones have also emerged, making it much easier for members of the staff to work on parts of the website.

As you understood, these previous points have pushed us to develop this new version of the website which is neither more nor less than a combined of previous versions, by adding some novelties and retaining the best features that we could have you to propose. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it, and wish you a pleasant time with us. Happy landings !