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TUIfly belgium virtual

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2018-06-30 11:00:44 by Flavien Aymonnier

Virtual airline with friendly permission of TUIFly.be

TUIfly belgium virtual is the first virtual airline using our systems ! For that, we thank all pilots flying for them and by the way using VACMS ! TUIfly belgium virtual was closed few months ago due to community inactivity, but is now re opened with new projets, new systems, new aircrafts, ressources and routes to perpose the best of flight simulation to their new pilots !

If you are interested to fly for TUIfly belgium virtual on Embraer 190, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300ER or Boeing 787-800 and evolving through real TUIfly ranks, you can join this beautiful virtual airline now ! More informations at http://tuiflyvirtual.be and fly like a real commercial pilot !

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