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The red leaf tour

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2018-10-16 12:11:23 by Flavien Aymonnier

To celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season that is autumn, we decided to set up a tour for all our pilots. Indeed, you will have precisely 66 days to fly on the differents legs of this tour, and win a unique award !

Red leaf tour

For pilots who have finished the red leaf tour 2018 !

Here is the list of the flights planned for this tour : EBCI > GMMN > EBBR > GVBA > EBBR > LEAL > EBCI, that is to say a total of 6 legs which you will have imperatively to fly in the order given above. This tour brings together some of our flagship destinations such as Casablanca, Alicante, Brussels and many others. If you wish to participate to this event, please make sure to respect the following points :

  • All flights must be performed in the order given above.
  • The pilot will make sure to comment his PIREP to tell us which tour and which leg it is (example: TOUR/RED_LEAF_TOUR LEG/1).
  • The pilot can only perform this tour one time.
  • All flights must be flown before friday 21th december 2018 at 0h00 (Belgian time).

We wish you pleasant flights with us and happy landings with the brand new red leaf tour !

Your staff team