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Christmas rotation 2018

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2018-12-20 14:03:30 by Flavien Aymonnier

For of the end of the year and christmas celebrations, TUIFly offers a unique flight to Finland. For kids and grown-ups alike, as they do every year. For that, we need seasoned pilots to tackle the snow, the ice and the extreme temperatures that prevail at this time and offer all our passengers their best Christmas !

If you're interested, you will need to perform the following rotation : EBBR > EFKT > EFKS > EBBR. Please, do not forget before sending each PIREP to specify to your staff team the leg's number. To transmit us your leg number, you should comment your PIREP according to the following model : TOUR/CHRISTMAS_ROTATION_2018 LEG/1. Once your flight will be accepted, we will add a comment to confirm its validity.

All pilots will have the opportunity to make this rotation between december 22nd 2018 and march 10th 2018. For those who made it, they will be rewarded with the following special award :

Christmas rotation 2018

For pilots who have finished the christmas rotation 2018 !

All we have to do is to wish you a pleasant holiday season, amazing flights and happy landings with us !

Your staff team