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Elliott Hayot (JAF0338)

First officer (F/O)
I'm a new pilot of TUIFly Belgium virtual !

Rank :
Total flights : 6
Total hours : 20.07
Hub : EBAW
Last login : 2019-12-26
Network pilot ID : 1283796
Main network :
This virtual pilot has no awards at this moment.

PIREPs list

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
JAF7002 GMMW EHEH 737-86N (OO-SRO) 03.09 2019-12-26 Accepted
JAF2621 EBCI GMMW 737-7K2 (OO-JAL) 02.49 2019-12-26 Accepted
JAF1141 EBCI LEAL 737-86J (D-ABBD) 02.04 2019-11-21 Accepted
JAF3032 (B) HEGN EBBR 737-85P (OO-TUP) 04.48 2019-10-19 Accepted
JAF3141 EBCI HESH 737-8K5 (D-AHLK) 04.32 2019-10-18 Accepted
JAF1001 EBAW LEMG 190STD (OO-JVA) 02.45 2019-10-17 Accepted