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Loïc Mabille (JAF0393)

Captain (CPT)
Daily management of our routes and our fleet for the French part of the virtual airline.

Rank :
Total flights : 19
Total hours : 224.50
Hub : EBBR
Last login : 2020-01-24
Network pilot ID : 575549
Main network : IVAO
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PIREPs list

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
TFL910 (B) HEMA EHAM 737-8K5 (OO-TUX) 05.26 2020-01-24 Accepted
TFL910 (A) HEGN HEMA 737-8K5 (OO-JAQ) 00.31 2020-01-23 Accepted
TFL952 (C) HESH HEGN 737-8K5 (PH-TFA) 00.24 2020-01-23 Accepted
TFL952 (A) HEGN HESH 737-8K5 (PH-TFA) 00.16 2020-01-23 Accepted
TUI6682 EDDM HEGN 737-8K5 (D-ATUI) 03.44 2020-01-22 Accepted
TUI2163 GCFV EDDM 737-8K5 (D-ATUA) 04.17 2020-01-19 Accepted
JAF6423 LFPO GCFV 737-86J (OO-TUK) 03.38 2020-01-16 Accepted
JAF6902 EFIV LFPO 737-8K5 (OO-TUX) 03.59 2020-01-12 Accepted
JAF6901 LFPO EFIV 737-8K5 (OO-TUX) 03.09 2020-01-12 Accepted
JAF6424 GCTS LFPO 737-8K5 (OO-JAF) 04.00 2020-01-06 Accepted
JAF1751 EBBR GCTS 737-8K5 (OO-JAU) 04.12 2020-01-04 Accepted
JAF1112 LEAL EBBR 737-8K5 (OO-JAV) 02.22 2019-12-27 Accepted
JAF1111 EBBR LEAL 737-8K5 (D-ATUN) 02.01 2019-12-23 Accepted
JAF2582 GMMX EBBR 737-8K5 (D-ATUN) 03.04 2019-12-21 Accepted
JAF7112 LFRS GMMX 737-8K5 (D-ATUN) 02.28 2019-12-20 Accepted
JAF7404 (A) LFRB LFRS 737-8K5 (D-ATUN) 00.36 2019-12-20 Accepted
JAF3682 LFTH LFRB 737-8K5 (D-ATUN) 01.41 2019-12-19 Accepted
JAF3671 EBCI LFTH 737-8K5 (D-ATUN) 01.38 2019-12-19 Accepted
JAF069F EBBR EBCI 737-8BK (OO-JAA) 00.24 2019-12-18 Accepted