TUIFly Belgium virtual


IVAO BeLux division

IVAO, with more than 200,0000 registered members, is one of the largest online flight simulation networks that allow users to act as either a virtual pilot or air traffic controller. IVAO relies solely on software developed by its own staff of volunteers. Air Traffic Controllers can connect to the IVAO network using IVAO’s radar client, IvAc, that emulates the interface of a modern, real-world air traffic control radar scope. Pilots can connect using their flight simulator and the built-in pilot client, IvAp.

Hangar 226

Hangar226 is the only reference in terms of realization of repaints. With almost all of our virtual fleet painted by Hangar226, we are more proud than ever to wear our colors, which have been closely represented in our flight simulators through efficient and accurate work.

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