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We are hiring !

TUIFly Belgium virtual is now online for over a year. During this period, we have experienced many improvements and advances thanks to you, virtual pilots. However, we have noticed for some time that our community sometimes finds time long. To overcome this problem but also to improve our community once again, we chose to set up a new position in the staff team : Community Officer (CCO).

As you will understand, a new member of the staff will join us soon. For this, we have chosen to organize recruitments that will allow us to find the one we imagine best fulfill the conditions to ensure such a position.

Before continuing, it is worth remembering that all work done for TUIFly Belgium virtual is voluntary, and therefore unpaid like in most virtual airlines. Moreover, all the contents that will be published by this person on our website will be the intellectual property of TUIFly Belgium virtual as soon as they are registered in our databases.

This new position of Community Officer (CCO) aims to promote our virtual airline through the social networks we have, to organize creative and original events to entertain our virtual pilots, in other words, to manage all the event part of our community. If you want to join our team of staffs in this position, you will need to make sure you meet the following conditions :

  • To be able to express yourself correctly in the French and English languages, any other language will be welcome.
  • Know the IVAO network and its rules.
  • Know our virtual airline a minimum (who are we, what do we do).
  • Have a minimum of time to devote to your position each week.
  • Have a sense of detail, creativity and originality to organize the events.
  • Any other quality will be welcome.

If you think you respect these conditions, we invite you to answer the following questions, and to send them to us directly by email at :

  • Who are you ?
  • Describe yourself quickly.
  • Have you ever volunteered with other virtual airlines ?
  • Why should we choose you ?
  • Why did you choose TUIFly Belgium virtual ?
  • What are your motivations and your potential skills in terms of animating communities ?

We do not give a deadline for sending your application, we will tell you through an internal news that the recruitments are completed in due time. We will recruit someone for this position, who will be on probation for an indefinite period, during which time we will evaluate his ability to work in our team and to assume the position we will assign to him.

We are hiring !

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